img_5050Hello world,

Here I am sticking my neck out a little, venturing beyond the garden gate, dipping my toe in the water… joining the other millions of bloggers.  My blog will detail my journey through the world of dating… with all the pitfalls and lessons I have learned.

I am a 38-year-old mama, working full time, and I often get told by my lovely friends that I am looking well for a gal of my years on this rock orbiting in space.  Since going my separate ways with my kiddo’s dad, it’s time!  Gone are the days of walking around a supermarket and making coy eye contact in the aisles… the world of dating is now online. Courting?  What’s that?  To many folks now, the modern pace of dating is as fast as their urban lives.

To the friends who have supported me on my journey and continue to do so,  I write these stories for you.  To everyone else, I hope my stories inform and entertain.

Misty K xoxo

Author: hotterthanyourmama

I am a 38-year-old mama, obsessed with dating.

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